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“When I decided to have my condo renovated I did not realize what the word “custom” mean until I started dealing with Ron, the owner of Collectors Custom. We met and discussed the entire renovations and the vision I had. I live in a building that is approximately 30 years old and I wanted to convert the place into a modern apartment. The only thing that did not change was the tiling in my condo. It was a huge task.

After sharing my ideas with Ron, he started working on each area. He asked me about the purpose of each space and what I liked and disliked about the current arrangement. He asked my preferences regarding lines, form and function. Every change was based on a number of conversations led by Ron that resulted in ensuring that the design met my particular vision. It was an exciting process to say the least. Ron would suggest and add and create based on his extensive experience. He would show me the plan and was not beyond revisiting something we had previously decided.

Not a single space was wasted in the whole apartment and every detail was finished to perfection. Ron is the consummate professional.

For example, the kitchen cupboards are a very unique modern aluminum design that coordinates with the office cupboards. The quality is superb and Ron put finishing touches such as shelving on the end of the unit to display my sculptures.

Ron created a wine cupboard and wine rack in space that was basically unusable in the past and now houses my fine wines from my summer BC wine tours. He made the end cupboard open towards the wine rack.

The office, which also serves as my second bedroom, is a combination of a wall of cupboards which are multipurpose. The use ranges from closet space, to library, to pull out shelving for binders, to suitcase storage. Couple that with the beautiful aluminum Murphy bed and there is a sleek modern look that you see once the sliding sand blasted doors are open. The doors again were installed by Ron and create a look that is difficult to explain but beautiful to live with.

The hallway unit, glossy black, has one cupboard that opens up towards the kitchen as I needed pantry space. It has pull out drawers and shelves and is integrated with the three other self adjusting hall way closets. The consistency of the design and the color add depth to the hall. This was enhanced by Ron’s suggested of a full wall mirror at the end of the hallway.

The bathroom is again both artistic and functional. Ron installed modern square sinks, build over custom designed cupboards. The laundry room is a unit to behold. Again, no space is wasted and there is even a corner cupboard that makes everything easy to reach. The long cupboard in the laundry room includes a gable at the bottom for that pesky kitty litter. Ron has the ability to transform all the requests into practical, usable units.

The bedroom with four full length mirrored closets, specially designed shoe and jeweler drawers is complemented by a glass privacy door for the ensuite. Needless to say, Ron built and installed custom built bathroom cupboards.

Every handle on every piece in the unit was discussed and matched. He gave me every opportunity to be involved in the selection.

The dressers in the bedroom were built and designed by Ron. I asked them to be put on rollers as I wanted to pull them out to clean. They are solid and beautiful.

The piece de resistance is the narrow table he built to complete the furniture for the bedroom. It has a drawer and no seams appear other than the ones necessary to open the drawer.

As you can see, not only is he skilled as a craftsman, but he earned my respect throughout the entire process as he showed integrity in all that he did for me as a client.

I feel fortunate and privileged to have him design the condo I had dreamed of having and now own. I would recommend his work without hesitation to anyone.”

Dr. Betty Boult

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